About Marlinda

About Marlinda

Hey there!Marlinda

My name is Marlinda and I have a passion for helping women get fit but most importantly love themselves and their bodies. I have been active in fitness since as long as I could remember although I hated gym class. That was more because of bullying than actually hating being active.

That is my purpose for this platform. This is a place where you get help to be fit and healthy. This is a place where you do not feel like you need to compete like an Olympic athlete to be fit.

We focus on changing your body through healthy methods, not bullying, intimidating fallacy. There are too many beautiful women who hate themselves because of social standards. You are beautiful with the body you were blessed with. Now let’s work together to find programs and exercises that work for you!

I’ve been blessed with being over six feet. One issue that tall people, in general, are known to struggle with is knee and back pain. I have struggled with both and still struggle with knee joint pain. You can literally hear my knees grinding when I go up stairs or even just walking around normally. I also struggle with emotional eating, a mean addiction to Cherry Pepsi and binge eating junk food period…there’s no sugar coating it.

After having my daughter, I had an inexplicable mental shift. I guess it was part of my transformation into motherhood but I realized my health, fitness, and life, in general, was not representative of my full potential. I knew that I had dropped the ball big time having gained more than 70lbs over a 10 year period, excluding pregnancy weight. Not being one to lean on excuses, I knew that I learned about how your body changes with age but especially after pregnancy. I also

Not being one to lean on excuses, I started to come up with a plan. A plan to lose weight. A plan to deal with my back and knee pain. A plan to get my life together. I researched and tested out methods. I learned how strengthening certain muscles could help to drastically cut down the amount of joint and back pain that I was feeling.

Once I started strengthening my muscles, I noticed that there was a big reduction of my knee pain and my back pain went away altogether. During this time I also noticed that Pepsi made my knees hurt worse when I was drinking it compared to when I wasn’t so I had to change my eating as well.

When we think of muscle building, we tend to imagine big, bulky body builder muscles with no boobs and shiny, oily, tanned skin. That is the farthest from the truth. There are so many benefits to women having muscles and when done right, you will define many areas that us women struggle with like cleavage, belly fat, flabby arms and flabby legs. In addition, having muscle gives your metabolism a HUGE boost.

Through all of this, I’ve learned a lot. I’ve also realized how much I truly enjoy helping other women to realize their potential and take back their lives.

Let us love our bodies inside and out. On this site, you will find mainly information about building muscles and other workout related topics. If you are looking for dietary information, you can check out my other site Regain Your Body.

I specifically specialize in low-impact workouts, plyometrics and other at-home methods of getting moving. I have never been a gym person. Growing up, my dad had his own personal gym at home so that’s where I would work out. The workouts I share with you on this site will not need any heavy equipment. The most you will need are some dumbells, a towel and exercise mat.

If you need personalized assistence, you can use our contact form to get a hold of me. I’ll do my best to help! 🙂

Enjoy, be careful, be safe, and love yourself 100%,